Words and photographs aren't as easy as when I last did this. But this year and the last felt familiar, and despite everything that's happened, I wanted to remember again.


I found myself meeting the best people. People who made things easy and light. Some stuck around, some did not. Nonetheless, I am grateful.


I've had countless opportunities, both taken and lost. I've learned lessons I will probably forget (over and over again). And had moments I will hold close to my heart.


To be honest, and to no surprise to anyone, life does get harder… and it's unbearably discomforting and lonely sometimes. You make a living and pay the bills. You start taking care of people who took care of you. And you try to be a better person. Along the way you will contradict yourself. But that’s what friends are for: to give you perspective and call you out on your bull. Also, to have someone to be both rowdy and quiet with. Which I think I got quite my fill this year… and it’s been a very good one.

Thank you to everyone who made this year special. 

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